The first review of The 3rd Wenzhou Sculpture Exhibition ended successfully
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On December 29, 2021, the fist review of “Chinese Pose——Co-prosperity and Co-creation” The 3rd Wenzhou Sculpture Exhibition was held in Shanghai.

The Art Committee has received 728 works from 401 artists from 18 countries since the collection. After reviewing all the proposals, the judging panel selected 30 pieces of works. Tthey will be exhibited in the upcoming Marquette Exhibition.

Currently, preparations are going on in an intense but orderly manner.

Short List:

Giorgie Cpajak Serbia Procreation
Kamen Tanev Bulgaria Links
Petre PETROV Bulgaria Transformation as
WIKTOR KOPACZ Poland Suprematist Madonna
Bai Yu China Flying
Bu Xianlei China Balance
Chen Hui China Between Mountains and Rivers
Cong Hengshuo China Observation
Dou Hao China First Snow
Duan Xiusen China Flow Change No.2
Feng Chongli China Fusion No.1
Fu Qiang China Harmony No.2
Gao Manjun China Rare Landscape
Wu Qian
Guo Qi China Face Identification
Li Feng China Galaxy
Li Leilei China Shoulder to Shoulder
Lin Sen China Jump
Liu Guodong China Gravitation
Luo Xiaoping China Homeward
Shi Yongsheng China Process under Heavy Rain
Wang Zhe China Sunrise
Qiu Jia China Relationship
Wu Zhiyong China Ancient Rock
Xu Jijin China Listen to the Wind
Yan Kun China Ballad of Life
Yu Lan China Fusion No.2
Zhang Haijun China Gold Exploration
Zhong Chengmin China Leisure Time
Zhou Fan China City of Fantasy
Xiao Peng
Li Bolin China Breeze

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