HUMAN•NATURE 2019 China • Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition Contribution Invited
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2019 China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition

Contribution Invited

A. Background

B. Exhibition Theme

C. Main Activities

a. Exhibition Outline

b. Contribution Invited

c. The Making of Art Works

d. China Sculpture Art Forum

D. Organization Structure

a. China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition Organizing Committee

b. China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition Art Committee

A. Background

Zhengzhou, an ancient city of central plains and axis of Chinese civilization, is now the capital city of Henan Province. As a famous historic and cultural city, One Belt One Road node city and national transportation hub, Zhengzhou is also a metropolis representing the country image. Zhengzhou Sculpture Park, on the northwest of this city, which covered 288000 square meters, is cohering the ecological power and artistic connotation from contemporary central plains regional culture, and acting as Green Lung nowadays.

On July 24th, 2017, China Sculpture Institute and Zhengzhou Municipal People''''''''s Government signed “Human and Nature” China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement, intending to active central plains regional culture and realize harmonious coexistence between “Human and Nature”. Through two exhibitions, around 100 ecological featured sculptures will be installed in the park to present the contemporary value of central plains culture.

2018 Human and Nature ChinaZhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition had its opening ceremony on September 29th, 2018, in which 47 sculptures were pronounced to be displayed permanently in the park. With the idea of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, these sculptures created a green outdoor gallery. It promoted the participation of art in urban development, and connected humanity space with environmental space successfully.

Zhengzhou Municipal People''''''''s Government will keep deepening cooperation with China Sculpture Institute on the great stage of international sculpture exhibition, and plan to select 50 pieces in the upcoming 2019 “Human and Nature” China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition to enrich the city’s artistic accumulation, turning the park into a visiting card manifesting the spiritual character of Zhengzhou City .

B. Exhibition Theme

The theme of the exhibition is Human and Nature”.

Zhengzhou, as a birthplace of China central plains culture and Chinese civilization, has a deep-rooted cultural background on its shoulders. The splendid Chinese civilization has always focused on the relationship between human and nature, emphasizing “harmony between human and nature” as well as trying to explore and realize it. Under the regional culture context of China central plains, the exhibition will continuously carry on the theme of Human and Nature, exploring more possibilities in sculpture, human and natures relationship, also spurring more thinking and creation on ecological attempt.

Inspired by natures shape and sense, and created through artistic skills, the selected pieces in 2018 “Human and Nature” China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition vividly interpreted the meaning of Human and Nature. 2019 “Human and Nature” China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition welcomes more delicate and vivid works to fit into common peoples life, to build more surprises that encounter with art, and to connect the art context and style of Zhengzhou Sculpture Park.

2019 “Human and Nature” China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition will open again in Zhengzhou Sculpture Park. With the joint efforts of the sculptors, the public and the government, we hope to see more and more excellent works having the whole country in mind and the whole world in view, based on the regional culture of the China central plains, contribute to Zhengzhou Sculpture Park and Zhengzhou the city.

C. Main Activities

a. Exhibition Outline

1. HUMAN•NATURE-2019 China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition

Exhibition Opening: September 1, 2019 (Sunday, undetermined)

Exhibition Venue: Zhengzhou Sculpture Park

Exhibition Duration: All final participating art works will be displayed permanently in Zhengzhou of China.

All the final works, together with their models will be permanently collected by Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government.

2. Awards and Prizes (before tax, the tax is 20%):

Gold Award 1                 250,000RMB

Silver Awards 2              180,000RMB

Bronze Awards 3            120,000RMB

Nomination Award 2       100,000 RMB

Excellence Award 27       80,000 RMB

Special Honor Award 15

Prize will be paid by RMB.


Excellent Short Listed Art Works Award   30

b. Contribution Invited

1. Solicitation Scope

All artists who identify with the theme and purpose of the exhibition and have the sculpture creation skills are qualified for participation, with no limitation of nationality, age and gender.

2. Solicitation Form

The exhibition adopts both ways of open solicitation and special invitation, invites contribution globally.

3. Form and Scale of the Exhibition

All participating art works must be in the form of outdoor landscape sculpture, and the designed dimension should be about 2-5 meters. The collection quantity is 50 pieces (subject to the actual situation).

4. Artworks Requirements

All exhibition works must be original and have not been showed in the public environment before; artists own the intellectual property rights of their own works; the concept of the work must have creativeness and uniqueness, aesthetics forms and artistic expression, as well as suitable for outdoor display; The art work should be practical, safe and permanent.

5. Collecting Details

(1) On-line registration and application. (If you can’t access the internet, please contact the committee office). All applicants must submit photo materials of one to three pieces of works to the committee and fill in the corresponding forms. Please find and download the required forms and material lists at:,, or go to the physical office of 2019 China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition Art Committee to complete the registration formalities. All required materials including the electronic registration form, exhibits project pictures, personal photo and a scanned copy of ID (both sides) or passport must be sent to: before Jan 13, 2019. If more than one piece of work are submitted, please make sure that the pictures correspond to their descriptions clearly; installation works must have clear described assembling structures (all electronic pictures sent via email should be at least 300DPI). All exhibits project pictures should be sent in JPG format without any textual notes on, and be named in format of: Sculptor’s name, Sculpture’s name, size and material (e.g. Myron, Discobolos, 152cm, bronze. JPG). The registration form should be filled up without missing any item. English should be the language in use for oversea participants (except the ethnic Chinese). Late applications will not be accepted.

(2)The Art Committee will evaluate all the applications and make the selection before Jan 22, 2019. The final result will be announced on the official website of 2019 China • Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition: and around Jan 25, 2019. The art committee will send the invitation letter to the selected participants to specify the responsibility, right and obligation of the two parties. The selected participants should reply to the official letter with a draft sculpture work (about 50 centimeters of its size) to the art committee before Feb 27, 2019 for the participation in the Excellent Artwork Exhibition (model exhibition). Exact time and venue for the exhibition will be will be confirmed through e-mail.

6. The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

(1) The project and plan submitted by the participants must not violate and infringe upon the patent, copyright, trademark, defamation or any other legitimate right and interest of the third party.

(2) Any text, images, graphics, audio or video material appeared in the submitted art works and projects of the applicants are protected by copyright, trademark and all other proprietary legal rights. No information mentioned above shall be released to the public without the consent of the participant.

(3) The organizers of the exhibition reserve the right to publish the art works catalogue and the distribution of catalogue, as well as authorize the Zhengzhou Municipal Government the right of its usage in public welfare.

7. Publication:

Exhibition catalogue: all the listed artworks and some excellent artworks will be included in the exhibition catalogue. Content of the exhibition will cover exhibition introduction, academic articles, exhibition highlights, artist biography, and artwork descriptions.

8. Additional Information

All listed art works will be included in the HUMAN AND NATURE-2019 China • Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition Art Works Catalogue. The exhibition organizing committee will give every listed artist one copy of the catalogue.

c. The Making of Art works

The Organizing Committee will designate the professional factory to produce the 50 (subject to the selection of the actual situation) pieces award winning artworks, and the Art Committee will decide the finishing size and material. Figurative realistic sculptures should be exemplified by the artist him/herself. During processing, the artist must go to the factory and supervise the production process once. Accommodation will be provided by the Art Committee. Artists who fail to perform the supervision are considered to give up their right and qualification for the award voluntarily. The exhibition organizing committee will organize the supervision department to coordinate and supervise the manufacturing process.

d. China Sculpture Art Forum

China Sculpture Art Forum is a grand sculpture art forum continually held by China Sculpture Institute. We will invite the participation of well-known experts, artists, collectors, directors of large art institutions and media from home and abroad to join us in the high quality academic seminars, lectures and receptions to enhance the academic quality of sculpture exhibitions, to expand the comprehensive influence of sculpture art in the field and to build the communication platform for academic exchange, high-end cooperation and promotion.

D. Organization Structure


China Sculpture Institute

Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government


Exhibition Department of China Sculpture Institute

Zhengzhou Gardens Bureau

Academic Supporters

Sculpture Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Sculpture Department of China Academy of Art

Sculpture Department of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Sculpture Department of Academy of Arts & Design, Shanghai University

Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Sculpture Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

Sculpture Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts

Sculpture Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts

Sculpture Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

Sculpture Department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts

Hangzhou Sculpture Institute

Shaanxi Sculpture Institute

Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute

Shenzhen Sculpture Institute

College of Fine Arts of Zhengzhou University

Zhengzhou Sculpture and Frescos Institute

Contact of the Art Committee Office:

Tel: (+86) 010-66173056


Address: Building 25-3, Rong Huiyuan, Airport Industrial Zone B, Shunyi District, Beijing, China

Postal Code: 101318

China Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition Organizing Committee reserves the right of the final interpretation to the contribution invitation.

China • Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition

Organizing Committee Office

Dec 13, 2018

2019 China • Zhengzhou International Sculpture Exhibition Registration Form

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