The 7th China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition
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        On the Oct 13th 2015, held by China Sculpture Institute and Korea Sculptor’s Association, China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition had its opening ceremony in Seoul Arts Center in South Korea, Zeng Chenggang, president of China Sculpture Institute, Han Jin Sub, president of Korea Sculptor’s Association and Kim Young Won, honorary director-general of Korea Sculptor’s Association attended and delivered a speech on the opening ceremony, more than 50 representatives participated in the opening ceremony, Sun Zhenhua, vice president of China Sculpture Institute, Lin Gang, deputy secretary of China Sculpture Institute, Yin Xiaofeng, director of business development for China Sculpture Institute, Tian Huafeng, office director of China Sculpture Institute, Guo Hang, deputy director of international liaison department for China Sculpture Institute, Yin Rongda, president of Crown-Haitai Co, Ltd. Jiang Xixun, member of Parliament, Jin Zhengxi, professor of Sungshin Women’s University, Yin Jinxie, famous critic, etc. Works from Chinese sculptors would be displayed on the China Exhibition Area in the International Sculpture Festa 2015, and the exhibition will last for a week.

        This exhibition displayed works from Chinese and Korean artists from a new perspective, it was not only a continuity of a series of China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition, but also severed as an important carrier for the communication of the oriental sculptures. China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition has played an essential role in exploring sculpture ontology language and constructing an oriented style contemporary sculpture. Different from western sculpture tradition, the images of participating works reflect humanism spirit and interactions of the settings and scenery. Chinese and Korean artists make a study and a creation on the ontology language, such as shapes, materials, spaces and colors. It is a contemporary practice of artistic traditions of oriented countries, and it also represents an oriented character of contemporary sculpture.


The list of participating artists for The 7th China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition

Zeng Chenggang曾成钢     

Yin Xiaofeng殷小烽

Lin Gang林岗

Guo Hang郭航

Li Yongkang李永康

Shi Zhongying史钟颖

Yan Kun闫坤

Qian Liang钱亮

Kang Yue康悦

Zhao Chao张超

Liu Dong刘东

Liu Qing柳青


Zeng Chenggang   daybreak


Ying Xiaofeng  Manchu Totem reconstruction NO.32


 Lin Gang   ink ravine


Guo Hang  swimming

Li Yongkang  Old City


Shi Zhongying  self optical illusion

 Yan Kun  relativity

Qian Liang  non-substance series bamboo

Qian Liang  non-substance series broken   bamboo

 Kang Yue   microcosm-velvet 

 Liu Dong   T-back

Liu Dong   belly button piercing

Liu Dong    subtle silence

  Zhang Chao      drift away

 Liu Qing     police 

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