Call for Submissions 2024 Huangpu Riverside Sculpture Exhibition
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(I) Exhibition Background and Theme

Shanghai, as the cradle of modern Chinese art and the birthplace of urban sculpture in China, stands out for its distinctive artistic practices. The inclusivity of Shanghai-Style Culture and the Shanghai Spirit's emphasis on negotiation and respect have fostered the city''s independent cultural development, making Shanghai''s art scene uniquely its own. In recent years, continuous government investment has merged traditional Shanghai-Style Culture with a global perspective, attracting numerous artists from both China and abroad, and transforming Shanghai into a vibrant art hub. The new era has bestowed upon Shanghai a fresh mission: to build a globally outstanding city, to create a more captivating cultural metropolis, to enhance urban ecology and living conditions, and to boost its attractiveness, creativity, and competitiveness, which are pivotal goals for Shanghai's development.

In the context of rapid urbanization, integrating art into urban public spaces has become a key strategy for enhancing urban quality of life for residents. Shanghai, a metropolis with international influence, demonstrates that its public art projects not only showcase the city's cultural depth and breadth but also significantly represent its soft power and international image. Against this backdrop, Shanghai Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, in conjunction with China Sculpture Institute, Pudong New District People's Government, Xuhui District People's Government, are jointly advancing the sustainable construction of Shanghais public sculptures. This initiative aims to elevate the urban cultural and artistic level and international reputation, while also responding to the global call for sustainable development.

The 2024 "Huangpu Riverside Sculpture Exhibition" marks a significant step toward achieving this goal, signifying a key progression in building a global art stage. The Huangpu River, serving as Shanghai's lifeline, has witnessed the city's development. This exhibition leverages the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Huangpu River, integrating sculptures with the urban landscape to create a landmark public art space. It aims to enhance the quality of public spaces, promote cultural and economic development, and showcase Shanghai's cultural confidence and innovative spirit as an international metropolis.

The main location of this sculpture exhibition, the Huangpu Riverside area, is a cityscape belt and urban culture display platform that Shanghai is keenly developing. In recent years, Shanghai has vigorously promoted urban renewal and the construction of public spaces along both sides of the Huangpu River, strengthening the construction of public facilities, and enriching the cultural lives of residents and visitors. The optimization and upgrade of the riverside public spaces have not only provided citizens with a more comfortable and pleasant leisure environment but also offered a stage for public art exhibitions, promoting public participation and social interaction in cultural and artistic activities. Thus, the riverside public spaces have become a vibrant interface connecting history with the contemporary, nature with humanity.

At the same time, the exhibition also serves as a continuation of academic exploration in the field of public art in Shanghai. It is not only a display of the aesthetic value of sculpture but also a profound exploration of the urban spirit of Shanghai, reflecting the image of a modern international metropolis that pursues high-quality development while valuing cultural depth and academic significance. Through this exhibition, we aim to highlight Shanghai's cultural uniqueness and academic importance, thereby further enriching the public's multidimensional understanding of the city, and showcasing its profound heritage and grand vision as a globally distinguished city.

The exhibition will invite artists from around the world, including emerging artists selected through a public call for submissions and internationally renowned artists specially invited, to participate in this riverside sculpture exhibition. Additionally, the exhibition will organize an academic forum to promote deep interaction between art and the public, and showcase the dazzling brilliance of Shanghai as the "Pearl of the Orient." It aims to become an important platform for promoting international art exchange and fostering the cultural prosperity of the city. Through the power of art, let us witness and shape a more open, inclusive, and innovative image of Shanghai.

(II) Main Activities

1. Exhibition Overview
Exhibition Name: Huangpu Riverside Sculpture Exhibition
Exhibition Opening: November, 2024 
Exhibition Location: Shanghai, China
Exhibition Duration: Final shortlisted works to be permanently displayed in Shanghai

All final models of the 50 works selected for the exhibition will be permanently collected by relevant entities; if the final exhibited works are installed, their installed versions will also be permanently collected by the relevant entities. The collection fee will be paid by the relevant departments of Shanghai one-time.

Note: All 50 final selected works will have the opportunity to be installed along both sides of the Huangpu Riverside.

2. Scope of Submissions
Artists from both domestic and international backgrounds who agree with the theme and purpose of the exhibition and possess the ability to create sculptures are welcome to apply. There are no restrictions on nationality, ethnicity, age, or gender.

3. Collection Format
The method of combining open calls with special invitations is adopted, aiming globally to publicly collect and invite a total of about 70 sculpture proposals (with 50 pieces being solicited). The creation can be combined with sculpture points and thematic suggestions(as illustrated in following figure).

4.Creative Requirements
The works submitted for exhibition must be original creations; the author must own all intellectual property rights to the works; the creation concept should be innovative and unique. Additionally, the works must be aesthetically pleasing, artistically strong, and capable of integrating into outdoor environments; they should be feasible, safe, and durable. The average design size is about 8-12 meters (measured by the longest side).

Should any disputes arise related to copyright or similar issues, the author of the submitted work will bear all legal responsibilities. If such disputes occur with collected works, the artist must return the collection fees and the participation certificate; and compensate the organizers for all related costs incurred during the collection process, including processing, installation, etc.

5.Exhibition Process
1)Announcement of the call for submissions.
2)Preliminary review meeting: to determine 50 shortlisted solicited works, along with 10 directed invitation works and 10 special invitation works, making up about 70 pieces for the Excellent Work Proposal Exhibition (re-review meeting).
3)Re-review meeting: to determine the final 50 pieces to be implemented; to determine the categories of works for collection.
4)Some of the 50 shortlisted pieces will be processed and enlarged.
5)Opening ceremony.

6. Call for Submissions Details
(1)Submissions for the exhibition must be made online (authors experiencing internet difficulties should proactively contact the Art Committee Office). Each author can submit images of 1-3 works for the Art Committee’s selection and must fill out a registration form set by the Organizing Committee as well as provide corresponding supplementary materials. Relevant forms and instructions can be downloaded from China Sculpture Institute’s website (Chinese version:; English version: .

Authors must send the filled electronic registration form, images of the proposed exhibition works, personal photo, and scanned copies of their passport to the designated Organizing Committee email before May 15, 2024.

Images of multiple works should be clearly and accurately matched with their descriptions (all digital images sent to the email should have a resolution of over 300 DPI). Images should be in JPG format, without any text information, and named after the author's name and work title (for example: Myron-Discobolus.JPG). The registration form must be filled out clearly, without omissions, and foreign participants should fill it out in English primarily. Late submissions will not be accepted.

(2) The Art Committee will evaluate all submitted works based on the registration materials, and the results will be published on China Sculpture Institute’s website and CSI official account of Wechat. Selected authors must send a small-scale model of their sculpture (about 50 cm, made of hard material) to the Art Committee on a designated date (as determined by notification) for the second round of review.

(3) The costs for making small-scale models of selected works, and transportation fees, etc., shall be borne by the authors.

7.Planning Mode

The layout is planned around key nodes along both sides of the Huangpu River, combining points and lines to create a viewing rhythm and melody, forming a unique new ecology of artistic landscape.  Please download the following files for the sculpture locations and theme suggestions (artists are welcome to visit the relevant locations for inspiration).

The sculpture locations and theme suggestions 1

The sculpture locations and theme suggestions 2

The sculpture locations and theme suggestions 3

The sculpture locations and theme suggestions 4

(III) Artwork Collection

1.Categories of artwork collection (the following amounts are pre-tax):

1) Open Call Category
Gold Medal Work: 1 piece, Collection Fee: 250,000 RMB/piece
Silver Medal Work: 2 pieces, Collection Fee: 180,000 RMB/piece
Bronze Medal Work: 3 pieces, Collection Fee: 120,000 RMB/piece
Excellent Work: 24 pieces, Collection Fee: 100,000 RMB/piece
2) Invited Work Category
Special Invited Work: 10 pieces, Collection Fee: 300,000 RMB/piece
Directed Invited Work: 10 pieces, Collection Fee: 150,000 RMB/piece
Collection fees are paid in RMB.
3) Excellent Proposal Shortlisted: 20 pieces, no collection fee but with a participation certificate (for non-implemented works).

2.Intellectual Property Protection

(1) The projects submitted by the participating authors must not infringe on the patent rights, copyright, trademark rights, reputation rights, or any other legal rights of third parties.
(2) The exhibition organizer and guiding units have the right to publish and distribute a compilation of the exhibition projects and to use them for charitable purposes.

(IV) Publication Exhibition Catalog

All the final 50 collected works will be compiled into the exhibition catalog. The content includes an introduction to the exhibition, academic articles, highlights of the exhibition, collected works, author biographies, and explanations of the works, among other textual content. The organizing committee will gift each of the final selected artists one copy.

(V) Enlargement and Production of Artworks

The final selected sculptures for enlargement and production (specific number to be determined) will, in principle, be uniformly processed by a sculpture processing unit awarded through a tender by Shanghai City (specific details to be determined). The final enlargement size and material of the works will be decided by the Art Committee.

Authors of figurative realistic sculptures must personally oversee the drafting. During the production and processing period, all authors of the enlarged works must visit the designated processing factory or production site for at least one supervisory visit. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Art Committee. At the same time, the exhibition Art Committee will organize a supervision team to coordinate and oversee the production and supervision of the works.


 The theme of the forum is to be determined. Renowned scholars, experts, artists, collectors, heads of major art institutions, and media will be invited to give professional speeches and engage in discussions on issues related to the current state of Chinese sculpture, theoretical development, and the sculpture industry. This aims to enhance the academic quality of the exhibition, explore theoretical depth, and create a high-end platform for cooperation, academic exchange, and promotion.


China Sculpture Institute

2.Guiding Units:
Shanghai Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau
Pudong New District People's Government of Shanghai City
Xuhui District People's Government of Shanghai City

3. Undertaking Organization
Exhibition Department of China Sculpture Institute

4.Academic Support Units
Sculpture Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts
Sculpture Department of China Academy of Art
Sculpture Department of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts
Sculpture Department of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University
Sculpture Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Sculpture Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts
Sculpture Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Sculpture Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
Sculpture Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts
Sculpture Department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts

Contact Information:
Tel: (+86) 010-50933158
Address: 302, Building 12, Yard 3, Xixing Road, Houshayu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing
Postcode: 101318

The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of this call for submissions.

Registration Form

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