The Preliminary Selection List of the 2023 Wuhu -The 9th “Liu Kaiqu” Sculpture Exhibition
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On October 17, 2023, the preliminary evaluation meeting for Inheritance and InnovationWuhu -The 9th Liu KaiquSculpture Exhibition was successfully held at Wuhu Municipal People''s Government, Anhui Province.

Since the open call for submissions from both domestic and international artists began on August 12 this year, until the deadline on September 25, a total of 737 sculpture proposals were received from 427 artists representing 24 countries and regions worldwide (excluding 10 directed invitation works and 4 specially invited pieces). This included 115 proposals from 51 foreign artists and 622 proposals from 376 Chinese artists. The preliminary evaluation adhered to the principles of fairness, impartiality, and anonymous reviewfor all submitted proposals.

In this preliminary evaluation, a total of 37 works from 38 artists were selected, including 30 from domestic artists and 7 from foreign artists. They are now announced for public opinions from October 19, 2023, to October 26, 2023. During this period, any organizations or individuals who have objections to the displayed works are invited to submit relevant text and image materials with their real names via email to for feedback. The specific list of selected works is as follows:

Bai Yu Swimming

Chen Gang Exchange&Fusion

Chen Tao Elderly Person Holding an Oar

Chen Xiangyu Perceiving All Things

Duan Sen Origin NO.2

Fu Leilei Harmony · Octave

Han Feng Autumn Mountains and Rising Clouds

He Boxin Metamorphosis Series - My Dream 034

Huang Wei Carrying on the Past and Opening up the Future

Jin Yezihong The Years

Lan Wenbin Clan Relatives of the Han Dynasty

Li Kehuan Chasing Dreams

Li Youwei Fantasy Morning

Liu Chang Fairy Bridge

Liu Yuhang Longing for Hometown

Lu Lu Guiding the Wind Forward

Meng Chao Rhythm of Bamboo

Meng Hudie Harmony of Heaven, Earth, and People

Sun Dong Don Quixote

Wu Zhiyong From Iron to Steel: Wuhu''''''''''''''''s Independent Growth

Xia Tian Heaven and Earth Opening

Xiang Miao Boundless

Xu Yuansong Graceful Charm

Yan Kun Song from Afar

Yu Lan Rising Bright Moon

Yu Feng, Ma Wenqing Dream of the Celestial Boat 2

Yu Juexin Parallel Space-Time

Zhang Bin Seeing the Mountain

Zhang Yingfang Lens

Zheng Xiaohui Born Anew

Liliya Pobornikova Infinite harmony

Petre PETROV Transformation and Tradition

Billy Lee BEYOND

Javier Astorga Feed yourself with the pulse of Nature

Giorgie Cpajak Flowers for you

Behnam Akharbin Moghanlou The Sunrise

Fabrizio Dieci Breath from Renaissance

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