List of 2020 “Transformation • Creation” The8th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition
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Short List of 2020 “Transformation Creation” The 8th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition

At 9 am of April 15, 2020, “Transformation • Creation” The 8th “Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition Preliminary Evaluation Meeting was held in Beijing at China Sculpture Institute. The soliciting work of the exhibition has been widely concerned, in response to feedback and requests from artists and related groups, the organizing committee of the exhibition extended the deadline from March 1 to March 31 due to the impact of COVID-19. We have always been with the majority of sculptors.

A total of 1,278 sculpture proposals from 605 artists from 46 countries and regions have been received since the public call for submissions began on January 17 and ended on March 31. Among them, 348 proposals are submitted by 158 foreign artists and 930 sculpture proposals by 447 domestic artists.

30 shortlisted works were selected by the judges adhering to the "fair, just, anonymous evaluation" principle, including 21 works by domestic artists and 9 works by foreign artists. The 30 works will be joined by 10 directional invitational and 5 special invitational works for Excellent Work Exhibition.

According to the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control in China, we will inform the artists about participating in the Excellent Work Exhibitionmodel exhibition after the time and place are determined.

Short list :

Qiu Jia  Walk+Journey China

Wu Wei Long Distance between Inches China

Zhi Min Four Gods of the Cosmos-Dragon  China

Wang Huiqing  Verdant Foliage China

Liu Guodong A tree of Plum Blossoms China

Li Ziqing High in the Clouds China(Taiwan)

Su Zhipeng The Hingr of History China

Guo Bingyao Six-feet Lane China

Fu Xuhang Westbound Memory-Keepsake China

Zhou Jianhong Spring China

Jin Wenlong Wind Blows the Jade China

Xiao Min Contra Dance China

Yin Zhixin Blowing Bran to See Grain China

Yao Yanling Open Space-Green China

Pang Yaokun Poem and Distance  China

Zhu Yong Listen · Hear China

Wang Qinchun A Song of Righteousness——Truth,Honesty,Justice  China

Zhao Zhiyong Wing of dream  China

Xi Chu Punk Cello China

Zhao Zhongqin Happy Dong family China

Nando Alvarez Water Dance Spain

John Van Alstine Catapulta 3 America

Riccardo Cordero The Great Comet Italy

Jaco Sieberhagen Navigator+Connected South Africa

Sergei Oganov Argonauts Belarus

Georgi Georgiev Modern Times Bulgaria

Sodong Choe Permanency 2150 South KOREA

Rafail Georgiev Formations Bulgaria

Kim Jung-Hee Space 2007 South KOREA

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