Dream of Sunbird International Outdoor Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Marquette Exhibition
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    “Golden crow is a totem of sun bird. There is a version of myth of sunbirds ever since ancient times---Jin Wu Zai Ri(金乌载日)sun is pronounced to be wu now in the local dialects of Yiwu. Its noted that sunbird is also a totem for human being in primitive society, worship of sun and worship of birds are two major spiritual beliefs. “The Dream of Sunbird” aims to utilize sculpture ontology to construct an ideal world with such totem beliefs, so we would hold an outdoor sculpture invitational exhibition annually and blend it with classical cultural theme and elements of related countries along “One Belt One Road” gradually, we hope that it can make sculpture park in Yiwu city become an important platform to research and lead the development of public arts and it could be an eternal monument in the One Belt One Road, it would also make citizens of other country along the “One Belt One Road” share the developmental result of contemporary China and keep them track of the China’s goodwill of peaceful development.   

    We invite artists from eight countries on the route of  Yiwu-Xinjiang-EuropeChina, Poland, Russia, Belarus, French, Spanish, Kazakhstan and Germanyto make sculptures for the Marquette exhibition. Their works carry and reflect a kind of distinctive cultural glamour, present an extraordinary creativity and imagination, explore artistic visual limitation and break down the human being’s intellectual constraint. With the cultural influence beyond the times and spaces and with artistic atmosphere across the national boundaries, it will exert a subtle influence to the Yiwu—the beginning point of new Silk Road, in such a way, it will definitely enhance the international influence and reputation of Yiwu.  

    A full operation of the longest international freight train line, Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe, has been regarded as an important strategic measure of “One Belt One Road”. Yiwu, the city renowned for the largest-scale distributing center for small commodity, plays a prominent role inSilk RoadEconomic Belt. since it becomes a new starting point of New Silk Road, it obviously shoulders a new mission—to be a platform to let the China advance to the world, “One Belts One Road” strategy will open doors of opportunities to connect Chinese and Eurasian culture and economy, which has a profound significant. Taking the opportunity of constructing “One Belt One Road”, we will make use of imperceptible influence of culture and advantage of “Antecedent of Humanism” to hold The First Dream of Sunbird International Outdoor Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Marquette Exhibition to tell the china story and reclaim the china dream.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              China Sculpture Institute


Zeng Chenggang   Heavenly Golden Bird

Li Ming  Beautiful Scenery

Yang Jianping Auspicious Clouds


Chen Yungang  Oriental Series---Dream

Fu Zhongwang  Outside the Windows

Huo Boyang  Sea Viewing

Long Xiang  Weaved Dream of Sunbird

Lin Gang  Harmony

Zhu Shangxi  Yiwu Express

Wang Zhong  A Horrific Moment

Yu Xiaoping  Strive for prosperity


Wang Shaojun  Heart Road

Wang Zhigang  Su Wu Herds Sheep

Zang Kun  Legend

Li Xiuqin  The Heavenly Road

Wei Xiaoming  Houyi shooting a sun

Li Xiangqun  Mavis

Chen Yanyin  Bus

 Tang Yao  Undulating mountains·Three-dimensional Book of Change·Binary system

Shi Xiangdong Twirling in Time and Space

Xu Zhenglong Interaction with Birds

Zhai Qingxi  Inland Mirror

Shi Hui  Weaving

Jiang Jie  The Dream of Sunbird

Wen Lou  Bamboo In The Wind

Dong Shubing  Wagon Ruts

He  Monument of WindRange

He E  Embroidered Lady

Zhang Yongjian  The Devine Channel

Yang Xianghua  Feather For Sugar

 Jorg Plickat  Connecting Hemispheres

 Piotr Twardowski  Permutation

Antonio Vigo  The Reasons Cities

 Raquel Sarda  The Sun Bridges


Valery Pchelin Skyman

Alexander Taratynov

 Eric Theret  Passage IN&OFF

 Aliaksei Sarokin

 Xavier Gonzalez  JANUS

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