China Sculpture Institute the Second Youth Promotion Project Exhibition Tour Is on the Way
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By Wu Hongliang, Translated by Hu Yuduo

China Sculpture Institute the second Youth Promotion Project exhibition tour is finally about to sail again. The exhibition with one word name needs to have valuable continuation, but this is not an easy thing to do. The white beard has appeared on Mr. Tang Yao’s face and white hair has come to find me, time quickly catching up with us, and we are falling into brainstorm with phones subconsciously. Looking back on the past few years, from Mr. Pan song proposing to promote sculpture salon work again during the annual meeting of China Sculpture Institute, to a series group exhibitions and solo exhibitions-the “Construction”, “Quality”, “Body”, “Spirit”, “Play”, “Fragrance” “Starting” and in the second season with “Present”, “Natural”, "Heartwriting", “Shape”, “Yao”, these four years has witnessed the growth of artists from Youth Promotion Project and us. Their works have won awards, became the focus of attention and been collected. Meanwhile, the Youth Promotion Project itself has attracted considerable attention, and this becomes an important reason for China Sculpture Institute to win award in 2012 AAC Art China. This project with full spirit has started, so it shouldn’t be just “run-up”, it has to really fly. Therefore, Mr. Tang Yao wrote after the “brainstorming” with such a romantic and exciting sentence: “Chaung Tzu has wings of Kunpeng, or butterfly wings which can incite hurricane, ‘Starting’ is about open, ‘Wing’ is about fly, fly away, that’s perfect!”

Interestingly, this name has aroused different interpretations since announced on the Wechat of China Sculpture Institute salon. “Is ‘wing’ about fly?” “I guess it’s about ‘be careful’” (This interpretation comes from the exhibition packaging requirement C from Mr. He Yanqing: The works are like our own children, wrapping exquisitely, packaging firmly, arriving safely and starting on time!) The most typical interpretation also from our tour coordinator Mr. He Yanqing:  Let the works fly for a while! Someone said: “This commentary is precise!” Our partners, the artists from the Youth Promotion Project, use special ways to express their concepts, needless to say, the exhibition itself will be very lively and tempting!

Here, we must thank the great help and trusts come from the leaders of China Sculpture Institute: Zeng Chenggang, Sun Zhenhua and Yin Shuangxi. We appreciate the efforts from our partners: Ms. Chen Xiaowei from Nantong Center Art Gallery, Mr. Wu Wenxiong from Changshu Museum of Art and colleagues from Artron. Because we have your fully supports, thus the Youth Promotion Project could fly such higher!

Finally, Using the lyrics from Wang Feng as the song of “Wing”, hope this will help the exhibition and artists hit the headlines!

Flying higher

Life is like a river

Sometimes quiet and sometimes crazy

The reality is like a yoke

Binding me so tight that I can''''t throw them off

Life is like a riddle, sharp as a sword

Hurting me from time to time

I know the happiness I want

Is in that higher sky

I will fly higher, fly higher

Dancing like gale and throwing off the shackles

I will fly higher, fly higher

The wings will curl up the storm

Howling from my heart

Fly higher

I have been flying and searching all the time

But I found I couldn’t find it

If I really want to free myself

I should cut and break all the bygones

The life I want is brighter

The sky I want is bluer

I know the happiness I want

Is just there in that higher sky

I will fly higher, fly higher

The wings will curl up the storm

Howling from my heart

Fly higher Fly higher Fly higher

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